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We Accept Dental Insurance Plans in Mount Dora

Dental insurance makes dental care more affordable for millions of Americans. Many people get their coverage from their employer, who agrees to pay part of the cost. As you search for a, “dentist near me who accepts my insurance,” you should understand that other patients of ours may have the same insurance provider, but they will pay a different price for dental services. This is because their employer either contributes more or less to their insurance than your employer.

How Do I Find Out Which Dentist Takes My Insurance?

At our dental office, we accept a variety of different dental insurance. It can be challenging to find a dentist in Mount Dora by insurance; nevertheless, we can help. Call us to see if your insurance is one of the ones that we have partnered with to provide affordable dental care.

As you search for a dentist that takes insurance, you need to know if you have a preferred provider organization (PPO) policy or a health maintenance organization (HMO) policy. If you need a dentist that accepts PPO insurance, you will have greater flexibility when selecting a provider. If you need a dentist that accepts HMO insurance, you will need to select a dentist from a pre-approved list.

Which Dental Insurance Benefits Should I Be Concerned About?

Once you have searched for and found a dentist near me who accepts my insurance, you are probably asking yourself about how to use my dental insurance with a dentist in Mount Dora. The answers to these questions should be in the paperwork you were given or on your dental insurance company’s website, but if you cannot find the answers, call your dental insurance company and ask them:

Will my dental insurance cover work for pre-existing conditions?

What is the policy on pre-authorizations? Our dentist may have to wait for authorization before proceeding with certain treatments if your dental insurance company requests pre-authorizations.

Can I upgrade to better materials, such as composite fillings instead of metal alloy ones? Check your policy to see if you have to pay for upgraded materials yourself.

Does my dental insurance pay for implants? If you are missing a tooth, an implant is the best option for you in many cases, but check with your insurance to see if they cover this service.

How many times per year can I visit the dentist?

We Want To Make Your Smile Healthy

When you want to find a dentist in Mount Dora by insurance, but you haven’t seen a dentist in several years, there is no need to worry. We see patients all the time who haven’t been able to afford regular dental care until they received dental insurance. We can get you back on track. Give us a call to schedule your first appointment. Discover what a difference having a “dentist near me who accepts my insurance,” can make in your life.

Dental Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to help you understand the coverage that you have.

We will do our best to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefits for all covered services. No Insurance? No Worries! See our discounts and offers here.

Read What Our Patients Say
Patient Reviews
I love everyone here and the doctor is very informative and knowledgeable and can get you in quickly.
Brittany V.
The whole office is not only professional but they are quite congenial. They make patients feel at ease with whatever the case may be. Jessica, Dr. Martins assistant was who worked on me. She was […]
Lita H.
Everyone is very friendly, and genuinely cares about your comfort.
Jeni A.
The staff made me feel welcome and inviting. They listened to my concerns and were willing to work with me.
Jerrid C.
Wonderful people and fantastic service. I used to hate the dentist but I’m not scared to go anymore. Had a crown done and it really didn’t hurt.
Therese K.
Comfortable atmosphere, kind staff
Rachel G.
Advance Dental has been my dentist since 2000. The whole group are professional and friendly as well. Not only…l do they take care of my teeth but they make sure my billing is correct at all times. […]
Lita H.
Love the staff and Dr. Martin. They are all very professional.
Becky H.
Friendly staff, nice clean office and exam rooms, overall very pleasant experience. Dr. Martin was so sweet and did a great job repairing my broken filling (from a different dentist office) pain […]
Service was friendly and quick.
Michael G.
Staff was very nice and explained what they were doing each step of the way; they explained how they were going to approach each problem. Dr. Edwards gave me time to ask questions and answered them […]
Samantha C.
Excellent doctors and staff.
Susanne M.
Everyone was friendly, quick pricing, no pressure. Lovely office experience
Robin H.
Everyone is so pleasant an answer all questions an concerns. Very knowledgeable
Diane S.
Well run office, friendly employees, a good check up and cleaning.
Lorraine T.
My hygienist is kind, professional and efficient . The ladies at the desk are very nice!
Richard C.
Doctor Daniella is the best ! I’m almost done with my ortho, and the staff is amazing !
Taylor E.
I finally found a dentist that I love! Thank you Dr Martin! See you again soon.
Kristal F.
Everyone was pleasant and efficient. Very happy to have met with Dr. Edwards and Pam did a gentle cleaning.
Patricia D.
The best dental experience I have EVER had!! The dentist and staff are amazing.
Rebecca H.
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